Iraqi Father Guns Down 7 ISIS Members for His Son’s Public Execution

Iraqi Father Guns Down 7 ISIS Members for His Son’s Public Execution

Ahmad Basil Ramadan, along with seven other police officers, joined the Islamic State security forces — and began secretly spying for the Iraqi government. Once discovered, the eight men were publicly executed… but ISIS would end up paying for that mistake when Ramadan’s father got his revenge.

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When Basil Ramadan, reportedly in his 60s, approached an ISIS checkpoint in Tikrit, about 120 miles northwest of Baghdad, he gunned down the terrorists manning the facility, according to the Daily Mail.

Ramadan managed to take out seven using an AK-47 before he himself was shot and killed.

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His 18-year-old son, Ahmed Basil Ramadan, was one of eight Iraqi police officers forced to appear in an Islamic State propaganda video before being executed for spying on the militant organization in January.

… After the eight were murdered, ISIS released photos taken from a video of their execution titled, “Day of Judgement,” depicting the men kneeling in orange jumpsuits and their hands cuffed behind their backs. Behind each is an ISIS militant with handgun raised and ready to fire.

After the execution, the ISIS terrorists posed for the camera like a hunter with his trophy.

It’s tragic that both Ramadan and his son were killed fighting ISIS. But the two men were absolutely heroes, with courage and bravery that that most people can only ever aspire to.

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