Jeh Johnson Reveals Why He Sympathizes With Muslims in the Terror War

The ineffectiveness and incompetence of the Department of Homeland Security under the clueless moonbat Jeh Johnson may have you wondering what possible qualifications he might have, other than his race and having been a bundler of campaign donations for Obama. He has exactly one. Like Obama himself, he is a red diaper baby:

While speaking to Muslims [since the San Bernardino attack], Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson revealed why he’s so protective of them. He compared growing suspicions cast on them to the plight of his communist kin.

Johnson dropped the bombshell that his grandfather had been investigated for communism and un-American activities. We can’t say we’re surprised. Add him to the parade of Red diaper babies in the Cabinet, including top White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, former political advisor David Axelrod and President Obama himself.

No wonder this administration isn’t interested in monitoring radical Muslims for terrorist connections.

“In 1949, during the McCarthy era, my own grandfather was called upon to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, to deny he was a member of the Communist Party and defend the patriotism of African-Americans,” Johnson said in a speech to the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Va., a mosque founded by alleged radical Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

“Today his grandson is responsible for the homeland security of this entire nation,” he boasted.

That means the danger Joe McCarthy is maligned to this day for heroically attempting to protect us against has come to pass. It means that we are in deep trouble.

Like Obama, the worst man imaginable for his position.

On a tip from Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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