Jimmy Carter Sides With Evil Against Israel

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a wicked man and a well-meaning fool. But the distinction is easy with Jimmy Carter:

The one-term U.S. president and former Ireland President Mary Robinson [also a lunatic leftist] said [Tuesday] in a joint op-ed on ForeignPolicy.com that ‘there is no humane or legal justification’ for the way Israel has ‘pulverized large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals.’

‘This is a humanitarian catastrophe,’ the former world leaders wrote, pointing out that more than 250,000 Gaza residents have been displaced from their homes and many others no longer have working water and electricity.

‘There is never an excuse for deliberate attacks on civilians in conflict. These are war crimes,’ the duo stated.

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Liberals often imply moral equivalence between Israel’s self-defense and the outrages of a terrorist enemy that deliberately fires upon the civilian population from schools and hospitals so as to create casualties among their own people that can be used for propaganda purposes. To suggest there is any equivalence between Israel and Hamas is morally obscene – but not sufficiently obscene for Carter and Robinson, who go further:

Israel carries more blame for the current humanitarian situation … because only three of the 65 Israelis who have been killed by Hamas were citizens, Carter and Robinson argue. On the other hand, most of the 1,600 Palestinians who died in Israel’s attacks on Gaza were civilians and at least 330 were children. The Palestinian government says the total number of deaths suffered by its population since the fighting ratcheted up has now climbed to 1,834.

If you can believe the Israelis are the bad guys, you won’t have a hard time swallowing the casualty figures presented by Palestinians.

‘The need for international judicial proceedings to investigate and end these violations of international law should be taken very seriously,’ they said.

That is, Islamophile Israel-haters of the type who run the United Nations should forcibly prevent Israel from defending itself in the terror war relentlessly waged against it by the international welfare wards infesting Gaza.

In addition, they want to facilitate future terror attacks:

Carter and Robinson said Israel must also lift sanctions on Gaza and remove a blockade that prevents goods and people from easily getting in and out of Gaza.

Not since September 11, 2001 have we been confronted with such clear-cut evil as the current campaign by Hamas against Israel. One side strives for peace, the other will not deviate from the objective of total eradication of its enemy. One side uses missiles to defend its women and children, the other side uses its women and children to defend its missiles. One side deserves the full support of the entire civilized world. The other has the support of the United Nations, the liberal media establishment, Barack Obama, and of course Jimmy Carter.

Carter and Robinson: moral absolute zero.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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