Judge Blocks Deportation Of Barcelona Terror Mastermind Because – ‘He Doesn’t Pose A Threat’

Judge Blocks Deportation Of Barcelona Terror Mastermind Because – ‘He Doesn’t Pose A Threat’

Imam Abdelbaki es Satty is the alleged mastermind of the deadly terrorist attack in Barcelona, in which 16 people died and over 150 were injured. But could the attack have been avoided? It has been discovered that el Satty was supposed to be deported — until a judge blocked his deportation.

The European Union has two Council Directives – numbers 2003/109/EC and 2001/40/EC — which state that member states can only deport non-European Union nationals who pose a “serious and present threat to public order or national security and safety.” Because of these directives, Judge Pablo de la Rubia blocked es Satty’s deportation.

In 2014, es Satty had been released from prison after serving a sentence for drug smuggling. It’s believed that he had been radicalized there and the Spanish government wanted him deported and blocked from re-entering the country for five years. David Barelles, a Spanish government official, wrote that es Satty was “a real threat which is sufficiently serious to justify his expulsion.” But de la Rubia evidently disagreed, claiming that el Satty was making real attempts to “integrate” into Spanish society and that deportation would be “disproportionate.”

“Although the conduct of the accused is serious, there is only one offence, which is old, and it is claimed he has laid down employment roots in Spain, which demonstrate his efforts at integration into Spanish society,” de la Rubia wrote in his decision. After escaping deportation, es Satty applied for asylum, which then allowed him to travel freely through the European Union’s Schengen Zone. It’s now known that he traveled to Brussels in Belgium, not long before the terrorist attack there in 2016.

It is believed that, after becoming imam of a mosque in Ripoll, es Satty recruited and radicalized young Muslims to participate in the Barcelona terrorist attacks. The attacks consisted of two vehicles ramming into groups of pedestrians and es Satty himself was killed when butane gas canisters and acetone peroxide (TATP) he was stockpiling in a house exploded. It’s believed that these were to be used against religious sites, such as the Catholic Basilica of la Sagrada Familia.

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