Muslims March In Streets Shouting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall CONQUER You!” – That’s Assimilating?

Muslims March In Streets Shouting “With Allah’s Help, We Shall CONQUER You!” – That’s Assimilating?

Turkish Muslim nationalists marched through the streets of Duisburg, West Germany on Easter Sunday. They claimed to be marching against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (KKK). Those are communists and they are a militant left-wing Kurdish separatist group. 400 Muslim fascists were shouting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you!” This is the Grey Wolves Pan-Turkist group… they have a very long rap sheet of terrorist violence and political assassinations attached to their name. Fascism is criminalized in Germany, but authorities appear to tolerate it from Turkish migrants. Police were forced to use batons and pepper spray to subdue the nationalists after they clashed with Kurdish activists. Great… you have radical Islamists and communists now battling it out in the streets of Germany.


From Gateway Pundit:

They seem to be assimilating quite well, no?

Muslims march down a German street chanting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you!”

What lovely citizens.

This is Turkey basically taking over Germany… a once great nation marred by a history of Nazism has now fallen to the fascists of the Caliphate. History is repeating itself only worse this time. The demonstration was also an “attempt to carry Turkish-Kurdish conflict to Germany” Der Westen reports. Chants of, “The martyrs are immortal, the motherland is indivisible”, and, “We rebuilt Germany”, were heard along the march. “On Duisburg Streets it’s time to get off…… For our martyrs…. This is their push against PKK”, announced a local Grey Wolves supporting group on Facebook prior to the event. As an organization, the Grey Wolves agitate for an empire incorporating all Turkish peoples from Central Asia to the Balkans. They are the “unofficial militant arm” or “paramilitary and terrorist wing” of the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party, which has been variously described as racists, ultra-nationalists and neo-fascists. This is the fascism that the collusion between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hitler spawned and it is surging in Europe. It is a kick-start to world war.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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