NBC Host Answers Question: Why Would A Good God Allow Terrorism? [VIDEO]

NBC Host Answers Question: Why Would A Good God Allow Terrorism? [VIDEO]

I have to give Kathie Lee Gifford some credit, I’ve never heard this explained so perfectly by someone who is immersed in liberal media. Honestly, I wouldn’t have expected something like this to come from an NBC host, but 2017 has been full of surprises so far.

Many people (mainly smug Atheists who want to score hollow points with their fellow smug Atheists) often ask “If God loves everyone, why is there terrorism? Why would a God allow His children to kill each other like that?” I think it’s safe to say that Gifford managed to answer this question once and for all.

After the terror attack in New York City, it’s easy to ask yourself how a good, just God would allow things like this to happen to innocent people who are just trying to get to their destination. Their lives were cut short by a madman with a radically religious viewpoint and a rental truck, but WHY?

Instead of believing that was condoned by God, who allowed it to happen. Gifford asserted that what happened was actually the “antithesis of Jesus.”

“If I didn’t believe that God is sovereign in all things, I would have been in the looney bin years ago. His ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts,” she said. “We have to trust that he has it in control, even when everything seems out of control.”

Then she points out that all of us were given free will and how we use it – for good or bad – is up to us, not God.

“People say to me all the time, ‘How could a loving God allow this to happen?’ And I always say, ‘Well, a loving God loved us enough to give us freedom of will,'” she stated.

She argued that a person who truly knew His love would not be compelled to use his free will to harm others, making the act of terrorism perpetrated in New York “the exact opposite of Jesus.”

Watch her interview below:

I believe that nobody is born bad, but instead they choose to become that way. In the case of radical Islam, children are taught from a very young age that their way of life – including killing themselves – is endorsed by Allah and they will be rewarded handsomely if they choose to carry out their religious teachings. How can you combat life-long brainwashing? Especially when it has become their reality?

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