New information about terror attack lands FIVE people in custody!

New information about terror attack lands FIVE people in custody!

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel committed an act of terror when he drove a massive 19 ton truck through a crowd that gathered to celebrate Bastille Day in Nice. Cops shot the terrorist dead, but now we learn that five others are in custody in possible relation to the Nice terror attack.

From the LA Times:

Philippe Marliere, a political scientist at University College in London, said there had been a clear shift in public sentiment.

“Politically, we’re going into uncharted territory,” he said. “The mood in France is getting less patient about the way the government has been handling the issue of terrorism.”

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Investigators, meanwhile, pressed ahead with an effort to determine whether Bouhlel had acted alone.

The French prosecutor said Saturday that five people were in custody in connection with the attacks, but authorities have not publicly disclosed any evidence that any of them, including Bouhlel’s estranged wife, acted as accomplices.

Full details are not yet available about the five people detained. An investigation should soon reveal the information on whether or not the five people in custody are of any relevance or were of assistance to this terror attack in Nice.

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