NUMEROUS DEATHS in Horrific ISIS Attack… Please Pray

NUMEROUS DEATHS in Horrific ISIS Attack… Please Pray

ISIS has done some horrible things in the past, but this is…

This is simply horrific. The below images and content are extremely graphic, so if you have a weak stomach or simply do not wish to be exposed to such things, please do not read further.


From Weasel Zippers:

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( Kirkuk – A tribal leader at Hawija in Kirkuk province declared that ISIS st ablaze to 20 young detainees as they refused to join its ranks.

Sheikh Nayef al-Naimi, tribal elder in Hawija, said,”On Tuesday, 20 young detainees in Bakara base in Hawija were set ablaze by ISIS as they refused to join the outfit.”

Naimi added that, “ISIS demands huge sum of money as ransom from the inhabitants of the region. It also demanded the accession of women to its ranks by force.”


If this makes you nauseous, then you are the best kind of person. We need to help these people not because we owe them anything, but because nobody else will.

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