NYC Terrorist Tries To Hang ISIS Flag In Hospital Room – Trump Wipes Smirk RIGHT Off His Face

NYC Terrorist Tries To Hang ISIS Flag In Hospital Room – Trump Wipes Smirk RIGHT Off His Face

In case you needed more evidence that the man who ran over people in New York City is a terrorist, he actually had the audacity to ask to hang an ISIS flag in his hospital room after his surgery.

Sayfullo Saipov came to America in 2010 from Uzbekistan on a “Diversity Visa” and carried out his deadly attack in the name of ISIS. It should also be noted that even after his surgery, the 29 year-old maintained the he was proud of what he did.

Quick recap, the cowardly scum killed 8 innocent people after driving a rental truck from Home Depot into a crowd of people on a popular bikeway in New York City and was shot by an officer trying to stop a continued attack. Sources indicate that he was also looking to cause havoc on the Brooklyn Bridge but never got around to it because he was captured. Any guns found in or around the truck were fakes.

After having the lead removed from his body, Saipov was given a comfy cozy hospital room to recover in at what I imagine to be taxpayer’s expense. In that room, he was looking to hang an ISIS flag to prove his loyalty to the terror organization.

But President Trump wasn’t having it.

In response to the taunting that was clearly coming from this waste of oxygen and medical supplies, President Trump called for the death penalty. (I say we let him be killed by a woman using a knife covered in pig’s blood. Try getting your virgins now, Achmed.)

There have actually been people on the left asking why he is calling for the death penalty for this guy, but not for the Las Vegas shooter, trying to gin up some sort of race-based conspiracy or another.

I think the death penalty is too light for this monster, if I’m being honest. While I relish the idea of dispatching him quickly and getting him off the back of decent, tax-paying citizens, I also kind of want to find the fountain of youth so we can keep him alive and in prison forever, eternally rotting away. While not scientifically or biologically feasible, it’s a romantic notion and one that I enjoy entertaining in cases such as this.

Do you think this guy should get life or death? Sound off in the comments and let us know which one the courts should choose in this case.

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