NYPD Forced by Pro-Islamic Activists to Purge Anti-Terror Document

Radical environmentalists advance their agenda by suing the government, confident in the knowledge that sympathetic judges will rule in their favor. Jihadists pursue a similar strategy:

The New York Police Department has been directed by a U.S. court to remove from its online records an investigation pertaining to the rise of Islamic extremists in the West and the threats these individuals pose to American safety, according to legal documents.

As part of a settlement agreement reached earlier this month with Muslim community advocates in U.S. District Court, the NYPD will purge from its website an extensive report that experts say has been critical to the department’s understanding of radical Islam and its efforts to police the threat.

The court settlement also stipulates that the NYPD make a concerted effort to mitigate the impact of future terror investigations on certain religious and political groups, according to a copy of the court documents published by the American Civil Liberties Union, which has spearheaded the case since June 2013.

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You can be sure that “certain religious and political groups” does not pertain to Christians or Republicans.

Legal experts and critics of the settlement maintain that it could hamper future terrorism investigations and view it as part of a larger campaign by Muslim advocacy organizations in the United States to dismantle surveillance programs encompassing that community.

This larger campaign is only an aspect of the still larger terror war against non-Islamic civilization that has been going on for 1,400 years now.

A key portion of the settlement focuses on the NYPD’s purported use of a document produced by the department’s intelligence division to examine how radicalized individuals make their way to the United States and carry out terror attacks.

The document, “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” aimed to provide local law enforcement and policy makers with information about domestic terrorists and their operations.

That’s why it had to be suppressed. The official line of the ruling class is that Islam has nothing to do with terror, any more than it has to do with the Islamic State. Stop sniggering and pretend to believe it or you could lose your job.

The politically incorrect document has been purged. In its place,

The department will additionally incorporate into the guidelines “police policies against religious profiling”…

Don’t listen to national security analyst Benjamin Weingarten, who has covered this court case. He is a thought criminal:

“To pursue a see-no-Islam counter-jihadist strategy is not only absurd and contradictory on its face, but its a severe dereliction of duty—ignorance is not an excuse, and it represents a failure to do everything necessary to defend against an ideology that seeks to undermine the Constitution and subvert and destroy Western civilization again, according to Islamic supremacists themselves,” he said.

Using the guidelines might have flagged Edward Archer, who shot Philadelphia police officer multiple times to please Allah. But never mind that; this will wash the crimethink from your brain:

“Bias-based policing legitimizes religious discrimination. It can pave the way to copy-cat approaches by other agencies and set the stage for hate crimes nationwide,” wrote Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLU’s national security project, and Ramzi Kassem, a law professor at the City University of New York.

When the next 9/11-scale Islamic attack inevitably occurs, blood will be on the hands of every liberal who helped enable it.

The ACLU is helping to stage the sequel.

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