The Most Pernicious Aspect of Murdering 12 Innocent People — From the Progressive Point of View

The Most Pernicious Aspect of Murdering 12 Innocent People — From the Progressive Point of View

After a red flag–waving Islamic radical who had been enabled by political correctness killed 14 in a terror attack at Fort Hood, Army Chief of Staff General George Casey dutifully declared,

“It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

It was of course this deranged commitment to diversity as an end in itself at the expense of security and common sense that, along with a gun ban, allowed the terror attack to occur.

The sickness that made Casey cough up such a shameful clot of moonbattery has not been cured. It festers inside moonbats like David Andelman and then comes spurting out like slime from a bubo:

The apparent violent truck assault on Berlin’s crowded Breitscheidplatz Christmas market had all the hallmarks of Islamic State terrorism — the same type of semitruck, the same high speed of 40 miles an hour, the same mass of holiday revelers — as the horrific attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice last summer. In both cases, there were multiple deaths and scores of maimed and injured left in their wake.

But beyond the immediate panic and horror, there also appears to be a potentially more pernicious reward to the forces of the political far right best positioned to capitalize on such a tragedy.

That is, in any way helping the people who oppose the mass Islamic immigration that is apparently responsible for the attack is “more pernicious” than the murder of the 12 innocent people who have died so far.

If leftism were merely wrong, leftists could learn the foolishness of their ways and correct them. The problem is that it is not merely wrong, but willfully depraved.

A Christmas greeting from Islam and its liberal enablers.

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