Pissed Off Black Woman UNLOADS on Black Lives Matter Idiots… This Is EPIC [VIDEO]

Pissed Off Black Woman UNLOADS on Black Lives Matter Idiots… This Is EPIC [VIDEO]

There is nothing better than watching a person put a movement in their place, especially when said person is expected by society to be a part of said movement, for whatever reason. In this case, it would be this woman’s skin color. But common sense prevailed and it will make you cheer.


From GOP The Daily Dose:

Freedom Daily In the wake of the Dallas shootings that left 5 officers dead, and 7 others wounded, a black, Christian woman delivered a blistering indictment of her fellow blacks regarding their behavior concerning matters of race.

On the morning after the Dallas massacre, Va’Shona Dixon took to Facebook & held a live stream video event. She spoke about how blacks were reacting to the shooting of two black men, Philando Castile, and Alton Sterling, this week.

In the video, Dixon shreds other blacks, saying that they are the real racists, and that Obama, their “black god” who they voted for, had failed them, so they are making excuses for his failures in an attempt to “cover for him.”

Dixon continues, calling Al Sharpton a “racist” who’s voting for Hillary, and that Jesse Jackson is a race hustler.

Dixon calls Black Lives Matter a “cult,” and rightly proclaims that “all lives matter.” She goes on, destroying blacks who call themselves Christians, all the while engaging in racist behavior.

Dixon shreds those who blindly follow black leaders who exacerbate volatile situations for monetary gain.

Watch her EPIC rant. She’s right on. I especially love the part where she says, “If you vote for Hillary, you’ll end up in hell right next to her.” Oh in case you’re wondering, Dixon’s pro-Trump. Can I get an Amen?

Watch the video below:

This woman refuses to be taken in by racial politics and she’s absolutely right here. We should all have this mindset.

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