Probable Islamist Attack Kills 10 At Nigerian UN Office

Now we await the typical attempts to equate this act of terrorism with some Christian doing some un-named something, or thinking about it, or something

A huge explosion rocked the main United Nations building in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, on Friday, sending billows of smoke over the area and spreading panic among citizens.

News agency reports quoted witnesses as saying the blast had been the result of a suicide car-bomber’s attack, but there was no immediate claim of responsibility and the police declined to confirm those reports.

The Associated Press quoted witnesses as saying a sedan drove through one of the United Nations’ compound’s gates and headed toward to the four-story building.

Nigeria, a major African oil-producer, faces terrorism challenges from several groups including militants from the Niger Delta and from a radical Muslim sect called Boko Haram, which advocates the introduction of Sharia law in the largely Muslim north of the country and took responsibility for bombing the national police headquarters in June.

American officials have said recently they fear Boko Haram has sought to link up with regional affiliates of Al Qaeda.

Obviously, it is Islamaphobia to even speculate that people from the Religion of Peace were involved. USA Today adds

Update at 7:54 a.m. ET: Reuters quotes medical officials as saying 10 people were killed in an explosion at the U.N. offices in Abuja, Nigeria.

Apparently, USA Today doesn’t want to admit that their link is actually Al Jazeera quoting Reuters.

Oh, and speaking of Sharia, which the Boki Haram wants in Nigeria

Thousands of people have disappeared into the black hole of Saudi prisons without charge or any indication of when they could be released, Saudi and international rights groups say.

The government says it is an Islamic state ruling via Islamic Sharia law, according religious scholars wide powers in society and an advisory role to the Saudi royal family, which accords itself a benevolent paternal role.

Activists say the result is that security forces can act with impunity, and defendants are subject to an individual judge’s interpretation of Sharia law and in many cases are not allowed access to their lawyers.

Without a penal code, there is even confusion over definitions, including what “detentions” and “political prisoners” are.

Wait, I thought leftists told us that we shouldn’t be concerned with Sharia law, and how it was no big deal?

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