Could This Be Proof Omar Mateen’s Brother Knew Of Terror Plot?

Could This Be Proof Omar Mateen’s Brother Knew Of Terror Plot?

The brother-in-law of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen has declined to state that he knew about the shooter’s plans to commit a massacre at Pulse nightclub. There’s just one slip up

The murdering terrorist sold his brother his home right before the massacre. For $100…


From the Daily Mail:

When asked directly by whether he knew of Mateen’s intentions Mustafa Abasin, 43, refused to comment, saying he could not talk.

Standing at the front door of the Port St Lucie home, which he shares with wife Sabrina, 31, Abasin similarly refused to respond to questions regarding the land deal between himself and Mateen, 29, that saw the terrorist transfer the deeds to his Fort Pierce for just $100.

The property is worth an estimated $165,000.

The bizarre real estate transaction took place one month before Mateen’s June 12 attack that left 49 dead and 53 wounded.

Asked by, if he could explain why Mateen sold him his home for just $100 he said he could not comment.

When put it to him that there was a suggestion that this meant he knew about his plans for the shooting ahead of time and asked, ‘Did you know?’

He said, ‘I will not comment, I will not comment.’ When asked if he had been questioned by the FBI and if he was helping them with their investigation he refused to comment.

So what? You don’t ask why your brother is selling his house? You don’t ask why you only have to pay $100?

Yeah. You definitely didn’t have any knowledge about the attack beforehand…

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