RAW VIDEO shows chaos right after Manhattan explosion

RAW VIDEO shows chaos right after Manhattan explosion

After the IED went off in Manhattan last night, shooting a fireball 20 to 30 feet in the air, people were literally shell-shocked. A woman was sobbing in the street and then stumbled to her feet. 29 people were injured in the blast. No one died, which we can count our lucky stars for. The bomb was in a dumpster in Chelsea. When it went off, it shattered glass and shook the buildings. New Yorkers didn’t know what was going on, but I bet 9/11 flashed through their minds.

Three hours later and four blocks away, a pressure cooker was found with wires and a timer. A note of some sort was also found next to it. Then at 3 am this morning a suspected third device was found. De Blasio had the unmitigated gall at first to say this was ‘intentional’, but not ‘terrorism’. He totally beclowned himself. Today, he revised what he said and indeed called it terrorism. By definition alone, an intentional act of terror is terrorism. Even Comrade de Blasio should know that.


From the Daily Mail:

This is the terrifying moment after an explosion ripped through the neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan.

A video posted to Twitter shows the devastating aftermath of the blast that injured 29 people.

In the clip, glass lines the streets, emergency lights flash and people walk around in a daze.

As the video begins, a woman can be heard sobbing while she sits on the sidewalk.

It is unclear what she is saying, but as she wails, an officer can be heard shouting ‘Everybody off the street!’

Someone helps the woman up as she stumbles on her feet.

Again, an officer calls out to get people off the street – possibly fearing another blast.

Caution tape has already been put up as the camera rolls and police vehicles appear to be just moving in.

As the woman continued to sob in the street, a concerned man asked if she was okay. She replied with something about her leg. I feel for the poor woman… in fact, I feel for all of New York today. An eight year-old was among the wounded.

New York is a prime target for Jihadists and I would wager this is ISIS’ handiwork. The blast occurred around 8:30 pm in Chelsea. This had the feel and tactics of the Boston Marathon bombing, just as the pipe bomb explosion in New Jersey earlier in the day does.

The explosion in Manhattan last night has now been officially labeled as an act of terrorism. Police had said the blast in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan appeared to come from inside a large trash bin and law enforcement sources said they have video of a man dropping something into or next to a dumpster.

The explosion sent that dumpster flying more than 150 feet down the sidewalk and shattered windows more than a block away, said a senior law enforcement official. The NYPD, FBI, DHS and ATF are on the scene. God help us if this is only the beginning of a terror wave.






Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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