SHOCK: Multiple Injuries After TWO Separate Attacks in Germany in Less Than 12 Hours

Germany has welcomed more refugees than most other countries and it has come at a heavy price. They have endured rising crime and terrorist attacks. Prime Minister Angela Merkel has come under increasing scrutiny because of it. And now, two separate attacks have left 10 people injured.

(DAVID YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images)

(DAVID YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images)

In the last 12 hours, the city of Dusseldorf was stricken with terrorist attacks. At the city’s train station, a man with an axe went on a rampage, injuring nine people. The 36 year-old man began attacking on a train as it arrived. When it got to the station, he continued attacking, going after passengers waiting on platforms and in the main hall.

He jumped from a bridge in an escape attempt, but fell onto a street and was seriously injured himself, breaking several bones. He has been taken to a hospital and police say he isn’t able to be questioned yet. The man is from “the former Yugoslavia” and police are currently refusing to call it a terrorist attack. “We are not using the words ‘rampage’ or ‘terror’,” a police spokesman said. None of the victims are in life-threatening condition, although some people have severe injuries.

“We were on the platform waiting for the train,” a witness said. “The train arrived and suddenly someone with an axe came out and started attacking people. There was blood everywhere.” Police believe that the attacker is mentally ill, saying, “The suspect appears to have had psychological problems.”

This morning an 80 year-old man was attacked by a man wielding a machete and has been seriously injured. The attacker is still on the run. The two attacks are not believed to be connected.

These violent attacks came just three months after the terrorist attack in Berlin in December, killing 12 people. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, in which a truck was driven into a crowded Christmas market.

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