When She Asked a Muslim ‘Do You Support Beheadings?’, His Response Made Me Sick (WATCH)

When She Asked a Muslim ‘Do You Support Beheadings?’, His Response Made Me Sick (WATCH)

It’s of course not correct to paint all Muslims with the terrorist brush, but the indisputable fact is that there is not nearly enough condemnation from Muslims around the world over the terrorist acts of other Muslims. Case in point? One Muslim’s reaction to being asked if he supported beheadings.

muslim beheadings

A spokesman from “CAGE”, an “independent advocacy organization working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror”, was recently interviewed by Sky News journalist and anchor, Kay Burley regarding the ISIS terrorist Mohammed Emwazi, also known as “Jihadi John”. What happens is very similar to the muslim student challenging a jewish professor, and his amazing response that shut her up.

What people are failing to recognize is that Jihadi John was mentored by CAGE. When Sky News asks the spokesman what he thought of the situation, and whether or not he would condemn extremists like Jihadi John, Kay Burley was accused of being a racist, and refuses to answer the questions.

… As much as the left loves to push the liberal retorts of “not all Muslims” are bad, we want to make it fairly obvious and clear that regardless of that, the Islam community has done very little to prove that it is a “peaceful” organization in all spectrums of the religion. As “Crazy” as some catholics and christians get, I’m not sure when the last time i heard of christians executing their own. As much as Obama wants to bring up the crusades, one must consider that every other religion has progressed through hard times, while Muslims still cling to their sacred, yet outrageously racist, misogynist, and hateful scriptures.

As he danced around the question, it was obvious that yes, he does believe that British security forces are to blame for the actions of the Islamic terrorists and sadly, he’s not alone. Yet we’re expected to believe that Islam is a “religion of peace”?

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