This Week In Quotes: 8/2/2013 – 8/8/2013

Masculinity used to indicate a combination of inner and outer strength. Rather than burdening his loved ones with everyday problems a man would silently solve them requiring no salutations. A man was determined, independent, and not easily offended. Personal accomplishments defined him while handouts were the greatest insult. A real man understood that life is not fair and never will be. — Darrin Barker

Between you and me, I’m sort of holding my nose for two years because what we’re doing here is going to be a big benefit to Rand in ’16, so that’s my long vision. — Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager Jesse Benton

The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it. — Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.)

I am a neoconservative. But at some point, even if you are a neoconservative, you need to take deep breath to ask if our strategies in Middle East have succeeded. It may be that our capacity to export democracy is a lot more limited than we thought. I think it would be healthy to go back and war-game what alternative strategies would have been better, and I like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul because they are talking about this. — Newt Gingrich

It is not surprising that lazy, shiftless politicians who have an abysmal record for their community would want to diffuse the issue of what they are doing for their communities by dropping the race card,

“I’m making a direct connection between the way games were played with poor whites in the South. [White Southern Democrats] would drop the ‘nigger card’ back then,” Innis explained.

“Now black Democrats have learned that trick and are dropping the ‘cracker card,’ with their black constituents,” he added. “But in the case of the poor whites back then and the poor blacks today what you had was politicians running away from their record and confusing the issue.

Last year President Obama bragged “we’ve got Al Qaeda on the run.” And he’s right—they have to run if they want to catch up with our fleeing embassy employees.” — Michael Graham

The fact is, America’s suicide rate is on the rise, and Conservative economic policies are to blame. — Thom Hartmann

This week I heard the president talk about phony scandals. There’s nothing phonier than the words that have come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. about reuniting this country, bringing us together as a people. No, he’s not a uniter; he’s a divider. He divides us on race, he divides us on income. He picks winners and losers. — Republican Rep. Mike Kelly

Obama defends the vast NSA data dragnet because of the terrible continuing threat of terrorism. Yet at the same time, he calls for not just amending but actually repealing the legal basis for the entire war on terror, the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force. Well, which is it? If the tide of war is receding, why the giant NSA snooping programs? If al-Qaeda is on the run, as he incessantly assured the nation throughout 2012, why is America cowering in 22 closed-down embassies and consulates? Why was Boston put on an unprecedented full lockdown after the marathon bombings? And from Somalia to Afghanistan, why are we raining death by drone on “violent extremists” – every target, amazingly, a jihadist? What a coincidence. — Charles Krauthammer

Sen. Schumer is a person who is as good as his word. His word is good, and he reminds me, in a way, of the work that I used to do with Ted Kennedy. — John McCain

The odds of people dying in a terrorist attack obviously are still a lot lower than in a car accident, unfortunately. — Barack Obama

The elites have taught for generations that most violent criminals are victims and therefore not fully responsible for what they do.

Poor and non-white violent criminals, we have been assured, are victims of poverty or racism. Likewise, all alcoholics are victims. That’s why Castro repeatedly compared himself to alcoholics. In addition to its moral confusion, this violent criminal-as-victim rhetoric has increased evil: Nothing produces evil – both on a national and individual level – as much as perceiving oneself or one’s group as a victim.

We have substituted therapeutic language for moral language. That’s why we have substituted “sick” for “evil.” And in that way, too, we have transformed monsters into victims. — Dennis Prager

As a general principal of life, we are what we do. If we do overwhelmingly good things, we are good; and if we do monstrous things, we are monsters. — Dennis Prager

“Thank God I was not on the property at the time of this attempted break in. I am an avid hunter and marksman and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives. I take the invasion of my personal space very seriously regardless of who you are.” — Kid Rock

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