This Week In Quotes: June 21 – 27

For “any (immigration) legislation – including a conference report – to pass the House, it’s going to have to be a bill that has the support of a majority of our members.” — John Boehner

Regardless, let me suggest a simple rule. Don’t give weapons to people who hate us. Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill us. — Ted Cruz

During the sexual revolution, we crossed a line from sex being something you do to defining who you are. When it enters into that territory, we move beyond the possibility of having a society in which sex acts were tolerated, in the Mrs. Patrick Campbell sense — “I don’t care what they do, so long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses” — and one where it is insufficient to be anything but a cheerleader for sexual persuasion of all manner and type, because to be any less so is to hate the person themselves. Sex stopped being an aspect of a person, and became their lodestar — in much the same way religion is for others. — Ben Domenech

In a nation where fewer people truly practice religion, fewer people external to those communities will see any practical reason to protect the liberty of those who do. The world could in time come full circle to Mrs. Campbell’s old line: You are free to believe, as long as you don’t do it in the streets, so as not to frighten the horses. — in much the same way religion is for others. — Ben Domenech

My constituents believe that border security is a condition precedent. I cannot go to my district and ask people to trust us. I just can’t. — Trey Gowdy

Officially, America celebrates diversity; privately, America is fragmenting into racial, political and ideological camps. — Victor Davis Hanson

We don’t have to do this for political reasons. . . . If we start pandering and giving out goodies to people, then we’re going to get into a bidding war with the Democratic party. And if we get into a bidding war, we always lose, because the Democrats are always more willing to give goodies to certain groups than we are. — Raúl Labrador

The writer’s point, of course, is that modern politics has become meaningless to most people. It has simply descended into a struggle for power among small and unrepresentative elites, devoid of convictions or integrity, who ignore or defy the views of the people who elect them. — Max Hastings

The American people elected a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. For a leader of that majority to use his authority to circumvent that majority would be cause for removal in my judgment. — Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) on the possibility of Boehner not following the Hastert rule on the immigration bill

The House should “fold (the Senate’s immigration bill) up into a paper airplane and throw it out the window. Oh, is that not the right answer?” — Mick Mulvaney

We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society. Sticking your head in the sand might make you feel safer, but it’s not going to protect you from the coming storm. —Barack Obama on global warming

But to defend traditional marriage is not to condemn, demean, or humiliate those who would prefer other arrangements, any more than to defend the Constitution of the United States is to con- demn, demean, or humiliate other constitutions. To hurl such accusations so casually demeans this institution. In the majority’s judgment, any resistance to its holding is beyond the pale of reasoned disagreement. To question its high-handed invalidation of a presumptively valid statute is to act (the majority is sure) with the purpose to “dis- parage,” “injure,” “degrade,” “demean,” and “humiliate” our fellow human beings, our fellow citizens, who are homo- sexual. All that, simply for supporting an Act that did no more than codify an aspect of marriage that had been unquestioned in our society for most of its existence– indeed, had been unquestioned in virtually all societies for virtually all of human history. It is one thing for a society to elect change; it is another for a court of law to impose change by adjudging those who oppose it hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race. — Antonin Scalia

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