This Week In Quotes: March 9 – March 15

If you’ve ever wondered what Government By Hippies might look like, now you know. — Ace

Cultural Diversity: Only two cultures are permitted– atheistic and Islamic. — Ace

When it’s useful, the 99% claims everyone in the 99%.But when someone gets raped, Occupy starts getting very exclusive about who is part of the “movement.” — Ace

So far, 7,881,788 people in 22 states have pulled the lever for any Republican primary hopeful. In 2008, those same 22 states delivered at least 8,401,502 votes for Republicans. (And probably many more: Popular-vote counts for 2008 were missing for Maine and Wyoming, and I threw out the 2008 Washington state number, which was improbably larger than 2012. I used Real Clear Politics numbers for 2008 and 2012.) — Tim Cavanaugh

Most national “reporters” are so in bed with Democrats they want free birth control to keep themselves from getting pregnant. — Derek Hunter

But what people like (Steve) Schmidt don’t understand is that the reason so many Americans fell in love with Sarah Palin is not because they hate Democrats. It’s because they hate Republicans. Specifically, Republicans like Steve Schmidt. — Charles Hurt

But the American people know something about this president and his disdain for oil. The “fuel of the past,” he contemptuously calls it. To the American worker who doesn’t commute by government motorcade and is getting fleeced every week at the pump, oil seems very much a fuel of the present – and of the foreseeable future. — Charles Krauthammer

I’d be the first person to tell the world I was gay. I’m not private about anything. I think you should live how you should live. But I’m strictly dickly. I can’t help it. — Megan McCain

Now, here’s the sad thing. Lately, we have heard a lot of professional politicians, a lot of the folks who were running for a certain office, who shall go unnamed, they’ve been talking down new sources of energy. They dismiss wind power. They dismiss solar power. They make jokes about biofuels. They were against raising fuel standards. I guess they like gas guzzlers. They think that’s good for our future. We’re trying to move towards the future. They want to be stuck in the past! If some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they probably must have been founding members of the flat earth society. They would not believe that the world was round! — Barack Obama

On February 29, Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, penned a post celebrating the 100th closure of a coal-fueled power plant: Chicago’s Crawford plant. He also boasts that the group’s efforts have prevented 166 new coal-fueled power plants. — Marita Noon

Almost every matter of the moment boils down to the same story: The Left’s urge to narrow the bounds of public discourse and insist that “conventional wisdom” unknown to the world the day before yesterday is now as unquestionable as the laws of physics. — Merk Steyn

As government becomes bigger, it becomes more lawless. — George Will

I feel like I’m a feminist, and you want to know why? Because I’m enabled to do things for myself. If I don’t like what someone says, I argue with them. If I’m in the mood for a cocktail, I pay for it myself. If I’m in the market for some sexy-times, then I hit up Rite-Aid on the way home. You want to know why? Because it’s my life, and I can do that, and I don’t have to ask Daddy’s permission first or hit up his wallet. — Emily Zanotti

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