This Week In Quotes: Oct 2 – Oct 8, 2009

The enormous cost of losing in Afghanistan is yet to dawn on the American public. Should the US and Nato withdraw, neighboring regional powers such as Russia, China and Iran will rush to fill the vacuum. None of them will be friendly to US interests in the region. Pakistanis who already harbor considerable resentment towards America, feeling much like jilted lovers, may be pushed over the brink into fully fledged anti-Americanism. It is well to remind ourselves that Pakistan is nuclear. — Akbar Ahmed

I’m certainly not going to fear the likes of Keith Olbermann. — Michelle Bachmann

I have personal stalkers, only they have TV shows. — Michelle Bachmann

When the candidate you voted for is pilloried as a criminal or a fool, there are three possible reactions: you have an epiphany and agree, you become angry and defensive… or you come to the melancholy conclusion they’re all criminals and fools, and you just don’t care any more. Epiphanies are rare. — Dr. Zero

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Here’s the question that puzzles me: why do so many people who view politics as a dismal parade, and hold such a low opinion of politicians, seem so willing to entertain massive expansions of the government? What do they think is going to happen to the amount of politics infusing their lives, if the government nationalizes a few more industries, and racks up a couple trillion more in deficit spending? — Dr. Zero

In the path of an aggressive State, there’s really no way to remain above politics. Indifference becomes consent. — Dr. Zero

Muslim soccer team refuses to play with French gay soccer team. The French team accused the Muslim team of homophobia, to which the Muslim team replied, “Well, duh! After all, we are Muslims.” Personally, I can’t get past the epic redundancy of the phrase “French gay soccer team. — Gregory of Yardale, Moonbattery

The international community likes capitalists who fight with their face. Nothing much has changed — the EU will always give communists and socialists the advantage because it keeps them in business. If people weren’t forced to depend so heavily on the government, then what need would there be for the Third Battalion of Desk Jockeys at the EU? They would all have to go out and get jobs producing or creating something. And who then would be around to rewrite history? — Rachel Marsden

Well, you know, two chiefs ago, Chief Justice Burger, used to complain about the low quality of counsel. I used to have just the opposite reaction. I used to be disappointed that so many of the best minds in the country were being devoted to this enterprise.

I mean there’d be a, you know, a defense or public defender from Podunk, you know, and this woman is really brilliant, you know. Why isn’t she out inventing the automobile or, you know, doing something productive for this society?

I mean lawyers, after all, don’t produce anything. They enable other people to produce and to go on with their lives efficiently and in an atmosphere of freedom. That’s important, but it doesn’t put food on the table and there have to be other people who are doing that. And I worry that we are devoting too many of our very best minds to this enterprise. — Antonin Scalia

When politicians propose some hugely expensive new program and are asked how the government is going to pay for it, a standard ploy over the years has been to claim that they will pay for it by eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse.” At a recent town-hall meeting, a citizen raised the obvious question: If you can do that, why haven’t you done it already? — Thomas Sowell

Let us agree that Hollywood bigshots have “compassion” for people in general, for people far away in a big crowd scene on the distant horizon, for people in a we-are-the-world-we-are-the-children sense. But Hollywood bigshots treat people in particular, little people, individuals, like garbage. — Mark Steyn

Democrats win by pretending to be to the right of who they really are. Their base understands and accepts this. Thus, when Democrat candidates profess to believe that “marriage is between a man and a woman” or to be “personally passionately opposed to abortion” or even to favor “the good war” in Afghanistan and if necessary invade Pakistan, their base hears this as a necessary rhetorical genuflection to the knuckledragging masses but one that will be conveniently discarded on the first day in office. — Mark Steyn

We need more gear and more forces now. We can outfight these enemies and we can win the war, but at this rate a favorable outcome is difficult to imagine. This war shows signs that it will become more intense than Iraq at its peak. As with my twelve dispatches from 2006 warning that we were losing this war, the warnings over the past couple of years seem to be falling on incredulous ears. We will lose the war unless we get more troops and more gear soon. — Michael Yon on Afghanistan

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