This Week In Quotes: Sept 21 – Sept 27

The stuff they do on hard wood, it blows my mind. — Joe Biden

The bottom line: Historically speaking, this president is in weaker shape than any postwar incumbent who went on to victory, with the possible exception of Harry Truman; he is enjoying a convention bounce later in the cycle than any incumbent in the postwar era; and if he manages to win, it will probably be via a true squeaker, with plenty of twists and turns to come. — Jay Cost

That’s why the Democrats are dropping the blacks and moving on to the Hispanics, because they’re a larger group of Hispanics now. — Ann Coulter

We’re going to talk about what the president wants to do in the future. That’s the other thing that you find most often with women. They’re not really concerned about what’s happened over the last four years, they really want to know what’s going to happen in the next four years. — Stephanie Cutter

Y’all better vote for f——g Obama, OK? For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House. Now, …that’s some amazing s—-t. It means there is hope in this country. — Madonna

I think that, you know, as president I bear responsibility for everything, to some degree. — Barack Obama

I mean, turn on the TV and it reminds you of 1979 Tehran but they’re burning our flags in capitals all around the world. They’re storming our embassies. — Paul Ryan

Despite its present popularity, the phrase “the American Dream” came into common use only after the 1970s. ..But the phrase languished, probably because it seemed contradicted by experience. For most Americans, life had always been a struggle. Little was guaranteed. By contrast, Adams’s lofty vision was utopian. Now it’s become an informal entitlement. — Robert Samuelson

If any President can unilaterally change the law, we are not likely to have the same freedom under rule by presidential fiat as under Constitutional government. This is especially dangerous in a President’s second term, when he need no longer have to consider what the voters want. — Thomas Sowell

In March 2008, in the speech ostensibly explaining the inexplicable – his 20 years in the pews of the raving Rev. Jeremiah Wright – candidate Barack Obama referred to “a racial stalemate we’ve been stuck in for years.” Hardly. He was then eight months from winning 43 percent of the white vote – two points more than John Kerry won four years earlier. Obama carried three states – three more than Kerry – of the Confederacy (Florida, Virginia and North Carolina). In states outside the South, Obama received substantially more white votes than any Democratic candidate since Lyndon Johnson in 1964 – more than Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton or Al Gore. This is part of the “racial stalemate” in which Mississippi has more black elected officials – not more relative to population; more – than any other state. — George Will

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