10 Random Thoughts In 140 Characters Or Less.

* You can almost feel the conventional wisdom shifting, day by day, from more Democratic gains in 2010 to big GOP gains in 2010.

* If you want to see who’s winning a society wide debate, watch the numbers, the energy level, and the fanaticism. Whoever has the most, wins

* My idea for a BK ad: The creepy king shows up, tried to act cool, then someone beats him to a pulp w/ a baseball bat and eats a whopper.

* Sure, the Democrats are socialists, but having the RNC members “officially” brand them as such at a meeting seems childish.

* If Marco Rubio had been pro-amnesty & pro-stimulus like Charlie Crist, would the GOP establishment be opposing him? Doubt it.

* How is it that my dog can be terrified of thunder, but still gets excited about going outside during a thunder storm?

* Just in case I ever do the Chris Matthews show: I believe intraspecies evolution occurs, but not interspecies evolution.

* The most likable candidate has won AT LEAST the last 9 presidential elections in a row. Worth keeping in mind when we nominate in 2012.

* The more I listen to Tupac Shakur’s music, the more I understand why he got shot.

* Honest question: If the NYT, LAT, or CNN had dead bang evidence that Obama was having an affair, would they run it? My guess is “no.”

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