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OK, I’ll admit, I did not attend the Raleigh Tea Party, perhaps it is a sad excuse, but, the Carolina Hurricanes were playing the NJ Devils (my team) in the first round of the Playoffs at 7:30pm, had responsibilities to get food and beer. As I am sure quite a few other people had, as well. Like Devils fans, Canes fans put the fanatic in fan, so, that makes this that much more impressive, since the Tea Party was to run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Several thousand people turned out for a pair of “Tea Party” protests with a very clear message on Wednesday in Raleigh.

“President Obama, you need to stop spending,” Wake Forest resident Tim Long said.

The second rally was loud and well-organized, with a sea of signs covering the lawn of the state capitol.

Supporters of the Tea Parties say it was no coincidence that they planned their protest for Tax Day.

Organizers say they don’t approve of the federal stimulus package or the slew of bailouts that have dominated headlines for the last few months.

“The goal is to let the government know that we’re sick and tired of it,” Raleigh resident Mark Thomsen said. “$12-trillion of debt in 70 days is not in anybody’s best interest.”

Thousands, huh? That’s strange, because that bastion of liberalism, the Raleigh News and Observer, claims there were around 250. Russ, Just Russ, reports at least 2500, and also has lots of photos.

As expected, so many of the local news media, such as WTVD, attempted fair and balanced, and, instead, painted the protesters as angry haters of President Obama, with quotes from some of the more extreme, and from the Obama Zombies. The show that they do not really get the protests, do not want to get the protests, and will cover their ears and say “la la la la la” if anyone tries to explain it to them, just like with most Liberals. They are not about reducing taxes, except maybe a tiny bit. They are not simply about taxes, which the News and Observer tries to portray. They are a protest against the massive increases in spending that occured during the Bush years, about TARP, about the stimulus/porkulas/Generational Theft Act, the Omnibus bill, and the $3.57 trillion 2010 budget. It came to a head when Democrats said “hey, you think spending was out of control during the last 8 years? Well, hey, y’all, watch this!” And those of us in the South know what comes after that phrase. It leads to increases in ta…..nope, not going to explain it. You either get it already, so do not need to read it, or don’t, and I would be wasting my time.

Especially with this guy, who seems to be so disengaged from the country that he wasn’t even aware of them.

Michelle Malkin has a massive roundup

A few stolen photos from Russ

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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