10-yr-old Girl Scout fights a 23-yr-old heroin junkie who tried to STEAL $300 troop made from selling cookies

10-yr-old Girl Scout fights a 23-yr-old heroin junkie who tried to STEAL $300 troop made from selling cookies

I really like the word ‘moxie’ which is often used to describe a person with great courage or determination to get something done. Typically you would not use it to describe a child but this 10-year-old Girl Scout deserves a badge for her bravery and moxie after she attempted to stop an intoxicated thief who stole $300 right off her hands while her troop sold cookies outside a grocery store.

girl scout cookie thief

Sophia Contos got into a tug-of-war with Cody Phillip Gintz as she tried to hold on tight to the scouts’ cash box, but the man was too strong and pulled it away, according to police. Contos said she had noticed him eyeing the box earlier while the troop was outside a San Jose, California Safeway, and did her best to guard it.

‘I keep my hands on the box and start to pull it away and all of a sudden he goes for it,’ she told NBC Bay Area. ‘I jerk it away but he’s too strong and he gets it.’

Contos yelled as Gintz got away. The 23-year-old then stashed the camouflage-print box, decorated with a silver star, in a nearby creek before he returned to Safeway’s parking lot to retrieve his truck, authorities say.
That’s when Contos’ mom Michelle said she spotted the familiar face and began reading his license plate ‘over and over again’ to memorize the numbers.

Police then quickly spotted Gintz’s truck and pulled him over. They found the $300 on him and arrested Gintz for strong arm robbery. Gintz said he immediately confessed to the police and told them where to find the cash box, later retrieved by a K-9. Gintz said he stole the money because he ‘needed a fix really bad’ for his daily heroin habit, but didn’t have any money. Gintz said afterwards he immediately knew what he did was wrong.

‘The reason why I feel bad is because my little sister was a Girl Scout and it just reminded me of her after I did that,’ he said.

Brave girl. Hopefully this girls’ mom pointed out the lesson in how desperate and dangerous a person can become if driven by an addiction. Say ‘NO’ to drugs girls and keep pushing those cookies!

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