15 Random Thoughts In 140 Characters Or Less.

* If the Right acted like the Left, we’d be demanding the guy who killed Tiller be freed so he could be given a job as a professor.

* Conservatives have pro-business principles. Liberals give failing businesses 100s of billions of your money. Which makes more sense?

* Too many people are assuming they can screw up because someone else will be adult enough to fix their messes. Even our POTUS assumes that.

* The Uighurs at Gitmo were trained by Al-Qaeda. They’re not our problem and who cares what China does w/ them under the circumstances?

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* Would you ever want to be before a judge who had empathy — but not for the group you happen to be part of?

* I’m not sure there is anything that merits freaking daily conference calls. Anything. Ever. Just saying.

* Had someone tell me, out of the blue, that they prayed for me at mass. No particular reason to, they just did. Thought it was sweet.

* If you’re an American who believes in transnationalism, yet you say you love your country, I have two words for you: You’re mistaken.

* Applying the word “legendary” to Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on ice in an ad seems to be just a wee bit of an overstatement.

* Would we say it was okay to support slavery as long as you wanted it to be safe, legal, and rare? Then why buy that on abortion?

* I have never seen a person who has gotten farther on luck and favorable circumstances, as opposed to talent, than Barack Obama.

* I wouldn’t say this about any other state, but it would make sense to split California into at least two states.

* I bought a blender. In the instructions, it warns you not to use it while it’s immersed in water. How dumb are we?

* Serious question: How many fund raisers has Colin Powell done for Republican candidates? Any? Ever?

* Despite the economy, do you notice how few media stories there are personalizing people suffering? Where are the “I lost my house” stories?

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