Talking Health Care: Government Run or Universal Coverage…Likely It’s The Same

Are you guys sick of the topic yet?

Well, here’s where I agree with President Barack Obama, it’s happening this year or never. I’m voting for never. The reason why there is so much emphasis on getting this done is because should the economy pick up and people start being employed again, the fear and discomfort will ease and people will get more rational again and remember that America is already in debt up to it’s eyeballs and can’t afford to pay for everyone’s health care.

My biggest concern with Government Run health care is that the government will run it and run you. That is, your life will be controlled from cradle to grave. You will eat a certain way…or else. You will do certain things…or else. And the government will have every motivation to force you down a path.

Ultimately, this is a civil liberties issue. Some people say that not having health care for all is shameful in such a wealthy country. Shameful is the notion of a bureaucrat deciding whether you live or die based on the metrics of a chart. That’s shameful. And that would be our future. It is a future I don’t want to see.

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Just look at the big government, totalitarian groups that are for this mess. It should give you an idea of what you’d have to look forward to in the future.

Some are saying that Universal Health Care is likely to pass. Doesn’t this sound good?

But I want to remind everyone of something: Congress regulated Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. Congress gave GM $62 BILLION and now, GM is going bankrupt which is what they should have done months ago. That’s your tax dollars. The United States government has shown itself to be a poor steward of our resources.

Why should we trust them with health care?

I will be talking about Health Care issues this week on tonight at 10 Eastern, 9 Central and will chat with you, too, and welcome your questions.

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