It’s 1968 all over again: Trump calls 10,000 protesters who shut down his Chicago rally ‘organized thugs’ have only served to ‘ENERGIZE America’

Contrary to the corrupt media’s spin, I feel last night’s craziness in Chicago is a repeat of history that will end up helping Trump. There was a violent confrontation between police and protestors at the exact location where Trump was supposed to speak, the International Amphitheater in Chicago. Images of the brawl energized voters to propel Republican candidate Richard Nixon to a landslide victory for president. The more the media pushes this story angle, the more Trump will spin it to his advantage. He knows how to manipulate the media better than anybody else.


Daily Mail reports the political world holds its breath for Saturday’s Ohio rally after Donald Trump’s Chicago event last night went into melt down after bloody brawls and loud demonstrations broke out, amid simmering racial tensions.

As the dust settles in Chicago, hundreds gather in Wright Brothers Aero Hangar for the Republican candidate’s first official address since last night’s fracas.

Supporters were queuing from midnight last night, according to local reports, where there is a heavy police presence and the venue is said to be ‘at capacity’.

Today’s event is arguably the most anticipated of the entire primaries following yesterday’s unprecedented scenes.

The Donald tweeted this much-needed message of encouragement as the crowds anticipate his arrival: ‘The rally in Cincinnati is ON. Media put out false reports that it was cancelled. Will be great – love you Ohio!’

Donald Trump responded to last night’s Chicago rally meltdown early today, condemning yesterday’s ‘thugs’ for ‘energizing America’.

The tweet comes the morning after the Republican candidate’s rally got shut down following a series of bloody brawls and loud demonstrations.

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