More Burned Alive: ISIS Burns Three Iraqis Alive

More Burned Alive:  ISIS Burns Three Iraqis Alive

What goes around comes around. ISIS in Iraq burnt alive five civilians after the Friday prayers.


After the shocking execution of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who was burned alive by the Islamic State, the terror group reportedly killed three Iraqis in a similar manner on Friday.
ISIS militants reportedly burned alive three residents of Hit, a town 200 kilometres west of Baghdad, after accusing them of acting as informers to the Iraqi forces, according to Radio Free Iraq.
As in the case of Kaseasbeh, whom the militants had captured in December, the Islamic State made an entire show out of the brutal murders and forced residents of the town to attend the executions.
ISIS had also accused the three men of encouraging locals to join tribal forces to fight the terror group.
Local media Almada Press reported that ISIS, in fact, burnt alive five civilians after the Friday prayers.
ISIS had sent shock-waves earlier this week after it released a video showing Kaseasbeh being locked inside a cage and burnt alive, a departure from its usual, but equally grotesque beheading videos.
The video of the pilot’s burning was reportedly screened in Raqqa, where crowds, including children, cheered the brutal murder.
Friday’s executions are, however, said to be the first instance of ISIS burning civilians alive.

These barbaric actions deserved a retaliation like they got from Jordan. Burning people alive seems to be ISIS’s new tactic. I am glad at least the King of Jordan does not appease these barbarians like our own president does. Their actions need to be met with the same brutality and force.

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