Hillary Clinton will not worry about Emails




By: Derek Varsalona




We are either playing a game of cat and mouse or a game of hide and seek on the lost Clinton emails. To date at least 30,000 emails are lost and unaccounted for by either Secretary Clinton or her staff members at the State Department. Both Hillary Clinton and the State Department staff grew overly concerned with how she would be perceived with the Benghazi scandal and the deleted emails scandals.


The real question is why should Hillary Clinton worry? We all know that the liberal media is very sympathetic and biased toward liberal causes. They did not go after President Barack Obama and will most likely not go after Clinton. Some times I wonder if the Liberal media really cares about fair reporting and honesty. Everyone knows that if it were a Republican they would have hung them out to dry and want full disclosure on Benghazi and the emails. Again and again from the Liberal media we hear that this is old news. It may be old news but the issue will not rest until we obtain all the facts.


The State Department covered for their boss by making sure that there was positive language coming out of both her and the State Department. I do not blame either of them for doing this. It is their job to defend the Secretary and the Obama Administration. I fault the media for not standing up to the political elites in this nation and being an independent advocate on the publics’ behalf. How does one let 30,000 emails go missing? How does the media know that this has happened and still cover the issue in a favorable light? The media is suppose to act as a medium between the public and the government, they are not supposed to be in bed with the government even if the media and the government has the same ideology.


The media should be doing a better job of investigating why Benghazi happened and they should also do more to cover the email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton will not have to worry though since the media is in the tank for Democratic officials and candidates including President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Still not sure where those emails are. Photo Credit: Right Wing News.com

Still not sure where those emails are. Photo Credit: Right Wing News.com

Derek Varsalona

I have a mild Case of Cerebral Palsy and am very politically active

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