28 Hardened Criminals Escape after Three Scantily-Clad Women Distract and Drug Security Guards

28 Hardened Criminals Escape after Three Scantily-Clad Women Distract and Drug Security Guards

Brazil is a much more dangerous place today after three women helped 28 prisoners escape by dressing in sexy outfits, promising the guards an orgy and drugging them with whiskey. You almost want to facepalm at the sheer stupidity of the situation, but it presents a clear risk to the citizens of Brazil.

Fake-orgy-plot-helps-inmates-escape-Brazil-prison-Video-576x330From Fox News:

Twenty-eight hardened criminals busted out of a Brazilian jail after three scantily-clad women seduced the guards with promises of an orgy — and then drugged them with cheap whiskey.

The three prison wardens were found inside the Nova Mutum public jail near Cuiaba in central Brazil, handcuffed to beds, “Fox & Friends” reported Sunday.

The inmates took the keys and unlocked all the cells and walked right out the front door.

The jailbreak took place early Thursday. Missing along with the inmates were guns and ammunition.

So far, eight of the 28 escapees has been recaptured, Fox & Friends said.

The London Daily Mirror reported  the three seductresses left behind a bag of lingerie and dominatrix police uniforms.

The newspaper said photos of one of the naked wardens were shared thousands of times on social media.

The women knocked on the door and asked the guards if they could come inside to “chat and drink.”

Police Chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira said the plan was to seduce the wardens and knock them out with the spiked booze.

“From the moment they drank the whiskey the agents don’t remember a thing,” the chief told a news conference, according to the Mirror. “One was found dizzy, trying to wake up. Another slept for the whole afternoon and couldn’t even be questioned.”

She said Bruno Amorim, 18, behind bars on an attempted murder and robbery rap, was the one who hatched the escape plot. He apparently convinced his girlfriend and two of her friends to help him.

One inmate was found on the street apparently drunk, brandishing one of the stolen guns. Another was caught after stealing a pick-up truck from a farm and crashing it.

The escape left the three guards not only red-faced, but facing criminal charges of “facilitating a jailbreak.”

I would say that the idiot guards should be charged with tracking down each and every one of the escaped convicts, but, well, they’ve already proven themselves incompetent. All I can say is that I hope they’re all caught before anyone gets hurt.

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