3-Year-Old Assessed For Sex Change At London Clinic

My daughter turns three next month, and she’s just started to identify people as either boys or girls. (And we haven’t even had the anatomy talk yet!) Most child development experts would say that’s normal–but not the lunatics at the Portland Clinic in London, who recently evaluated a toddler for possible transgenderism.

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The infant was seen by medics at the Portland Clinic in London, which helps people who believe they are in the wrong body.

The child was the youngest of 468 under-18s seen in the past 12 months.

It is not known if the patient is a boy or a girl, although seven boys are referred for every girl.

A spokesman for the clinic said: “In the case of children presenting with gender dysphoria in pre-pubescence, the majority do not end up choosing to undertake physical intervention.”

Whew! It’s a relief to hear they hold off on the sex reassignment surgery until after potty-training and preschool. Are we supposed to believe that a 3-year-old who probably refers to his genitals as his “pee-pee” is mature enough to decide he’d be better off without it? Are these people for real?

This is a scary combination: the over-medicalization of normal children coupled with extreme political correctness. Some confusion is normal for toddlers who are just starting to understand gender. It seems a bit early to diagnose them with “gender identity disorder” and start transitioning them to the opposite sex. Actually, it sounds more like child abuse and medical malpractice.

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