4-Month-Old Crying Baby Left BRAIN DEAD after Drug-Addicted Father Gave him CRYSTAL METH!

4-Month-Old Crying Baby Left BRAIN DEAD after Drug-Addicted Father Gave him CRYSTAL METH!

Who the hell does this to an infant? These sick parents fed their crying 4-month-old baby CRYSTAL METH to quiet him. This just in: BABIES CRY. BABIES CANNOT MAKE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO USE DRUGS! WHAT THE HELL!

More details here, hat tip to The Mirror:


A drug addict is facing jail after giving his baby CRYSTAL METH to stop him crying.

Miroslav Strnadova, 30, and his wife Silvia, 26, were arrested after taking the injured four month-old tot to hospital.

The youngster was so severely brain damaged that doctors said he was left “clinically dead.”

A hospital spokesman said: “They came into the waiting room with the unconscious baby in a pram and demanded to see a doctor.

“When we carried out checks it became apparent the child was in a critical state and had been given a strong dosage of drugs.”

Head doctor Anna Moracikova said: “The child’s brain is severely damaged and he is clinically dead.

“His chances of survival are minimal and he is being kept alive by a life support machine.”

Neighbors are SHOCKED that the little one was given drugs- but not by the couples use. Apparently they were known for their bad habits, and were even afraid of “letting my children play outside because you never knew what would happen”

The father was known as “Crocodile” on the drug scene. So classy.

Maybe some awcknowledgement should be extended that they at least attempted medical care, but honestly this is so sickening I cannot. These people, as even their neighbors stated, should NEVER have been allowed to keep this child. The woman’s 2 other children (poor little things) I hope are taken to a Child Services agency where they will get the care they deserve. “Crocodile” has been arrested for neglect and for causing harm to a minor -that may change if the child dies. “Mom” (in quotes because she hardly deserves the title) is being investigated for failing to stop the father from giving her infant drugs.

So sad.


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