4-Year-Old Girl Boards A Bus at 3AM With One Thought In Mind – And It Wasn’t Running Away

4-Year-Old Girl Boards A Bus at 3AM With One Thought In Mind – And It Wasn’t Running Away

Just the thought of a 4-year-old walking around in the middle of the night ANYWHERE, let alone Philadelphia, makes me shudder. Thank goodness there are still good people in the world who made sure Annabelle was safe during her little adventure. I can assure you her parents will watch her like a hawk after this.


From The Blaze:

In the wee hours of the morning, Philadelphia bus drivers pick up all sorts of characters.

But around 3 a.m. Friday, driver Harlan Jenifer surely got the shock of his shift.

A man flagged down Jenifer, telling him he found a little girl — decked out in a purple coat and snow boots — all by herself. Surveillance video shows the girl, named Annabelle, boarding the bus.

“Got to be kidding me! At this time, at 3 o’clock (in) the morning,” Jenifer told WPVI-TV. “She’s a small little thing. It kind of just shocked me.”

While Jenifer called police, bus passengers comforted Annabelle, the station said.

And her reason for venturing out so late alone?

“‘All I want is a slushie,’” Jenifer recalled. “That’s all she said!”

Annabelle was back with her parents within an hour; WPVI reported that they’ve since figured out a new door-locking system.

But later on Friday, it seemed Annabelle’s slushie craving remained unfulfilled.

“Mom, can you take me to Wawa and get me a slushie?” she asked her mother, Jaclyn Mager, while she talked to WPVI.

“I will take you to Wawa and get you a slushie,” Mager replied, the station noted. “But listen, promise me next time you’ll wait for me, okay?”

“Yeah,” Annabelle answered — sealing it with a big hug, WPVI added.

I can assure you my mother would not have been quite that loving if I had been found on a bus at 3 in the morning. In fact, I’m pretty sure that as soon as the cameras left, she would have spanked me. Of course, at 4 I knew better than to leave the house without parental permission. A little discipline goes a long way, ladies and gents.

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