VIDEO: 5-on-1 Fight Has a Surprising Ending

VIDEO: 5-on-1 Fight Has a Surprising Ending

Usually in a fight where there are multiple opponents against one victim, we know how the fight is going to end. The video you’re about to see, however, will shock you.


From Fight.Buzz:

A fight breaks out on the streets of Las Vegas, but with five against one it is anything but a fair fight.

In the video the guy in the red pants can be seen running from another guy chasing him. After crashing into a trash can he is then thrown to the floor and is soon surrounded then punched and kicked repeatedly.

The tables soon turn however when the guy’s friend jumps in to help.

Video below [WARNING: May contain content that can be considered graphic to some viewers]:

I’m glad someone came to that man’s defense, but it’s heartbreakingly unfortunate that this situation took place at all. Parents, please teach your children that it’s not okay to be thugs, because this type of insanity needs to stop.


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