6 Injured, 1 Dead in Super Market Attack – Officials Have INSANE Response

6 Injured, 1 Dead in Super Market Attack – Officials Have INSANE Response

The psychotic man who killed one and injured several during a knife attack at a supermarket has now been identified as a known Islamist and goes by ‘Ahmad A.’.

Authorities who captured and arrested the terrorist have said that the 26 -yr-old attacker is a known Islamist but not Jihadist. He arrived in Germany in 2015 from United Arab Emirates and is considered a ‘Palestinian failed asylum seeker’. When he arrived they could not deport him because he held no identification papers and was considered mentally ill. Even recently, authorities were monitoring him for undergoing radicalization and have considered him to be an Islamist militant.

The violent attack that took place in Hamburg, Germany resulted in the death of a 50-year-old man, and a half-dozen other people being injured. Last Friday, Ahmad entered a supermarket grabbing a kitchen knife from the shelf, ripped off the packaging and began stabbing his victims while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’.

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And then the next day an immigrant from Iraq opened fire in a German nightclub in Kostanz. He was shot dead by the police, but not before wounding many and killing one person. Muslim refugees have been committing similar attacks across Europe with a many casualties in Germany. Just months ago, a dozen people lost their lives as a Muslim ploughed through a Christmas market in Berlin. And then a few months before that nine people were murdered by another Muslim from Iran in a German shopping center. In that same week another Muslim refugee, this time from Afghanistan went on rampage at the Wurzburg train station mutilating people with an axe before being shot dead by the police.

I guess we can learn a few things from this:

Germany made a big mistake by bringing in more refugees than they can handle to keep people safe.
Germany should outlaw knives in stores, axes and vehicles so that those items don’t kill people (because as we know it’s not the people who kill people).
The honest truth, I learned that if any people in these crowds had a gun and were firearms trained, less people would be dead, maimed or injured because that Muslim wouldn’t have been able to act out his rage for more than a few seconds.

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