62 Year Old Man Unties Himself and His Wife, Then Retrieves His Gun And Kills their Attacker

62 Year Old Man Unties Himself and His Wife, Then Retrieves His Gun And Kills their Attacker

An elderly husband and wife were beaten and then restrained by three thugs, after the 62 year old man answered a knock at his door. This story, fortunately, has an extremely happy ending that will leave you cheering.


From The Daily Caller:

A 62-year-old Washington man was able to retrieve his gun after untying both himself and his wife during a home invasion earlier this week — a heroic act which left one of the bandits dead.

The incident unfolded Tuesday night in Lakewood after the homeowner answered a knock at his front door, The News Tribune reported. The man’s 66-year-old wife was taking a bath at the time.

The homeowner did not know the three men, but when he tried to close his door they barged into the house, armed with one gun and one knife.

The attackers pistol-whipped the man, who needed stitches in his head. The woman suffered a cut to her hand as the attackers dragged her out of the bath tub in order to tie up the couple.

When the three attackers went outside of the house momentarily, the man was able to bust loose and retrieve his gun, which he kept in a lock box.

The couple escaped just as the three thugs were re-entering the house. The one wielding the gun fired a shot through the front door. The homeowner fired two shots in response and he and his wife fled to their back bedroom.

These men forfeited their right to be treated humanely when they decided that they were going to assault and attempt to rob two elderly people. The only unfortunate aspect in this story is that he didn’t manage to punish the other two attackers before they fled the scene.

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