736 Years Behind Bars For Man Who Shot A Barrage Of AK-47 Bullets At Cops After They Shot His Dogs

736 Years Behind Bars For Man Who Shot A Barrage Of AK-47 Bullets At Cops After They Shot His Dogs

When police officers were called to a Colorado home on July 4, 2012 to investigate reports of a suspicious person in the bushes, it turned into a huge shoot-out when the resident opened fire on the officers with an AK-47. Fortunately for the officers, the suspect was a really, really bad shot.


Lonnie James Pebley, 43, opened fire on 27 Castle Rock police officers and Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies from his home in Castle Rock during one of biggest shootouts in county history.

He fired more than 70 times but did not hit any of the officers.

Neighbor Marvin Shipley saw the shootout.

He said: ‘My wife heard someone say, “Don’t shoot the dogs.”

‘I think they shot the dogs and it really picked up at that point.

‘Pretty soon we had bullets whizzing over the roof of the house and it went on for quite a while.

‘There must have been 50 to 60 gunshots.’

Pebley’s case went to trial earlier this year and he was found guilty of 46 criminal charges in February. The charges Pebley was convicted of include 15 counts of attempted first-degree murder, 12 counts of first-degree assault, 17 counts of reckless endangerment, one count of criminal mischief and one count of being reckless with a gun.

Judge Paul King said the sentences for each count should be served consecutively and not concurrently during sentencing.

Castle Rock Police Department Chief Jack Cauley said: ‘In the summer of 2012 Lonnie Pebley attempted to murder our police officers. Today, we witnessed justice served.

‘This convicted felon will now be held accountable for his actions and will no longer pose a threat to our community, neighbors, families and friends.’

Pebley has now been sentenced to 736 years in prison for his crimes, which is welcome news to the entire community. No one needs a hothead with a gun roaming free.

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