$75 Million Budget for Obamunist Brownshirts

The Ascension of The One isn’t until tomorrow, but the permanent reelection campaign is already underway. “Organizing for America,” a brownshirt army that The One promises will “continue fighting for change in your communities,” will have a budget of $75 million, apparently funded from outside the government..

Via Politico:

La Times describes “Organizing for America” as “an unprecedented standing political army for a president.” Ben Smith agrees:

It’s a potentially hugely, uniquely powerful tool, enhancing the muscle of the official who is already the most powerful man in America.

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As noted at Ace of Spades HQ, Obama is already building “a shadow bureaucracy answerable not to the taxpayer but only to himself.”

The fools who voted for this egomaniac deserve to live in a police state based on a cheesy cult of personality. The rest of us do not.

Hat tip: Four Horsemen of the Obacalypse. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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