FDR Scion Urges Moonbat Messiah to Bankrupt Economy

FDR was a marginally competent, socialist quasi-dictator who is remembered as a great president because he was in office during World War II, which jolted the country out of the depression his leftist policies had been worsening for years. Because he did more than any other president to permanently hamstring our economy, Roosevelt is worshiped by the hard left, which hopes Obama will follow in his footsteps, moving us radically toward a Marxist economic model. No one hopes this more fervently than Frank Roosevelt, FDR’s grandson, who as an economics professor fills students’ heads with pernicious nonsense at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers.

Roosevelt chides his grandfather for not spending recklessly enough. According to the Keynesian economic cult to which he belongs, the farther a government goes into debt on pork barrel spending, the healthier the economy will be. It’s not all FDR’s fault; moonbats didn’t used to have the “theoretical knowledge” they’ve now invented. His advice for The One:

I think Obama has to learn from that and forget about balancing the budget. Spend, spend, spend until we’ve done enough to stop this decline. So if I could talk with him, I would say, “Go for broke.” Literally, go for broke.

Broke is what the country will soon be, with no grownups in a position to restrain bureaucrats’ spending.

If you’d like to test out the Keynesian theories that guide Democrats, take on unmanageable expenses until you’re as deep in debt as our government, then go out to the shopping mall and max out your credit cards. According to liberals’ “theoretical knowledge,” it will return you to solvency.

Frank Roosevelt carries on the bad seed of moonbattery.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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