8 Chilling Words Suspected Killer Utters in Interrogation Video Busts Murder Case Open

8 Chilling Words Suspected Killer Utters in Interrogation Video Busts Murder Case Open

It doesn’t take a lawyer or a skilled police officer to know that admitting you wanted someone dead might not be the best way to showcase your supposed innocence. However, one woman did exactly that and as a result of her statement, she has been charged with murder.


Earlier this year, the case of Angelika Graswald and the death of her fiancé, Vincent Viafore, grabbed national attention after police began to suspect the 35-year-old was involved in the drowning death of her partner.

In a 911 call from April 19, Graswald told authorities that Viafore’s kayak had capsized, and that she watched him struggle before he slipped below the water.

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While suspicions first arose due Graswald’s displays of behavior inconsistent with that of a grieving partner, newly-released video of the woman’s police interrogation shed further light on the mysterious case.

The video, which was acquired by CBS’s 48 Hours, seemed to show that Graswald all but confessed to investigators regarding her role in Viafore’s death.

At one point during the interrogation, she says:

“I wanted him dead and now he’s gone.”

She also told detectives the she felt “euphoric” after Viafore’s death, and admitted that their relationship had been rocky:

“He pushed for everything…”

The interrogation video came in concert with the release of an autopsy report that cited Viafore’s death as a homicide caused by a “kayak drain plug intentionally removed by other.”

Even though the video seemed to present some damning evidence, the chief legal analyst for ABC News, Dan Abrams, said that alone might not be enough for prosecutors:

“A confession would be her saying, ‘I did it, I killed him.’ An incriminating statement is, ‘I’m relieved that he’s gone.’ Those are two very different things.

The prosecution’s theory is that she lures him out there, knows he’s going to die in the river and she’s not going to help… [but] it’s going to have to be beyond a reasonable doubt, and based on what we know right now, that’s not going to be easy.”

Graswald has pled not guilty to all charges.

It’s chilling to see someone so calmly and dispassionately reason why they wanted someone dead. Hopefully, justice will prevail.

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