9 Yr-Old Schoolboy Takes His Own Life To Avoid Facing His Bullies Everyday…

9 Yr-Old Schoolboy Takes His Own Life To Avoid Facing His Bullies Everyday…

This story is absolutely heart-breaking and every parent out there is going to feel one of three emotions: profound sadness, extreme anger or paralyzing fear.

School can be a horrible place for students who don’t fit in and despite “zero-tolerance policies,” bullying is still occurring both in school and online. It can be hard to get your student to open up about embarrassing experiences they are having at school because they don’t want to make things worse.

Some parents know what it’s like to find out your child is being bullied by other students, it leaves you heartbroken and upset because you never want your kid to feel like they’re less than amazing. This is also frightening to parents who may not know that their student is being bullied until it’s too late.


9 year-old Jackson Grubb was “feisty” according to family members. He had also been known to fight back against bullies in the past, sometimes with humor and sometimes physically.

But one day, his grandmother noticed that the boy had changed. He had become more distant and less like his old self.

‘I was spending time with him, trying to get it out of him. But Jack’s the type that holds things in and I couldn’t get to him,’ said Jackson’s grandmother and guardian, Betsy Baber.

What she didn’t know is that Jackson has become the target of relentless and malicious bullying at school and at home. The students would stand outside his trailer home and wait to torture him.

Grubb’s Uncle noticed something was off when Jackson asked to spend the night with him, two nights in a row.

‘I don’t know what he was thinking,’ Jackson’s uncle Shane Baber said. ‘He wanted to spend the night with me for two days and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.’

The young boy was found unresponsive in his room by his sister who had brought him a frog in hopes of cheering him up.

Jackson’s mother recalled the horrifying incident:

His mother Diana Crump said: ‘We came straight over. I saw the ambulance go that way and I said, “Turn around! Turn around! That’s Jackson!” When I got to the hospital they wouldn’t let me in so I knew when I saw EMS crying that he was gone.’

This story should be a warning to parents who might be noticing drastic changes in their child this school year, or any other. Please, please, please do everything you can to get through to them. There is no reason such a young child should have to feel like death is their only option.

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