9/11 Attacks That Killed 3,000 People Were “My Kind Of Craziness”…Says Senile Rocker Ozzy Osbourne

9/11 Attacks That Killed 3,000 People Were “My Kind Of Craziness”…Says Senile Rocker Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne, the ‘shocker rocker’, has another kind of shock for Americans. The Brit rocker, 65, stated that the 9/11 attacks were “his kind of crazy”. Terrorism is cool with you? I don’t think so. Read below:

From Weasel Zippers:
(as if there is any other kind from Ozzy)

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne has courted controversy after revealing that the Twin Tower attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people, made him feel “excited”.

In perhaps the most misguided statement regarding 9/11 since Blue’s Lee Ryan declared “this New York thing is being blown out of proportion,” Osbourne has explained how he was in New York to meet George W Bush the day the World Trade Centre’s twin towers were attacked: “I wasn’t scared, I was excited!” he told Shortlist. “It was my kind of craziness, y’know.”

He added: “I remember standing on the steps of the hotel, and – you know when you see an old cowboy film and that tumbleweed rolls past on the ground? There was newspapers just floating around on the streets. It was so fucking weird. Everybody just backed off Manhattan because they didn’t know if it was an all-out thing or what.”

On subject of his meeting with Bush, Osbourne said he drank three bottles of wine before meeting the president, but “never quite got” the former US leader. He said: “I was fucking faced at that dinner. I’d had three bottles of wine before I went in there. Sharon was going fucking nuts at me.”

3 bottles of wine is more than enough to make anyone have a lapse in judgment. Ozzy is not known for his great decision making skills, anyways. Remember him biting the head off a LIVE BAT?

Bat Video [GRAPHIC]:

Yea, I don’t think so. Why don’t you stay in England awhile dude. I don’t think too many Americans agree with you. It was the largest terrorist attack ever on American soil and took many lives. It was not a joke, or funny, or something to ‘excite’ anyone. It was a tragic, sad loss of life. Then it again, this was all about attention, wasn’t it? That’s just pathetic. Shame on you, Ozzy.


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