9/11 Was Just What ZOG Ordered

9/11 Was Just What ZOG Ordered: I was looking around for another website I could use for the latest episode of ACPOTI (anyone can post on the internet) and I ran across the World Church Of The Creator web page. Apparently, they’re some sort of weird racist church cult. I suppose I could have taken the time to learn more about them but their forums were overrun with same sort of racist trash I’ve found all over the web on Nazi, KKK, and white power sites so I didn’t see the point of bothering. Maybe these guys wear Nike sweatsuits and the men castrate themselves like the kooks in the Heaven’s Gate Cult instead of white sheets like the KKK. If so, let’s hope that this article doesn’t inspire them drink any “special kool-aid” if you know what I mean. Seriously, if any members of the World Church Of The Creator are reading, don’t drink anything you haven’t prepared yourself! Just watch “The Cell” & “Anaconda” over and over again until you start to find Jennifer Lopez attractive and then take a racial sensitivity course. You can rejoin society! Juding by Robert Byrd’s success, you may even be elected to the Senate one day. Don’t give in — it’s not too late to fight the white power! Now, on to the latest edition of ACPOTI…

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