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Pure Farkage: About 3 AM last night Fark linked RWN’s The 3rd Annual 20 Worst People, Places, And Things On The Internet For 2002 article. Now, almost 10 hours later, RWN has passed the 15k daily unique mark and there are still, at least for the moment, 3000 plus pairs of eyeballs looking at the page every hour. I even got an MSN South Africa link out of the article. That’s a nice day considering that yesterday I barely topped 2500 daily uniques.

As per usual, Fark’s comment thread about the article was entertaining in and of itself. Here are the best of the 140+ comments on Fark about the The 3rd Annual 20 Worst People, Places, And Things On The Internet For 2002….


Downstairs: Wow…. this guy is going out on a limb….

he hates sites run by pedophiles, hate sites, and identity theft.

This is going to stir up some controversy!


Bosie: How did Gator beat out Neo-Nazis?

Hack4good: Bosie, have you ever had Gator on your system?


Andonbray: Wait a minute. People surf porn on the Internet?


ThreeLittleSmurfs: I agreed with something John Hawkins wrote … this is … unsettling … to say the least.

Cyberluddite: Well, whaddaya expect from a site called “Right Wing News,” I mean, obviously they’ve got their dittoheads up their @sses and . . . uh, wait a minute . . . there’s nothing remotely controversial or political here, and I completely agree with the article. How disappointing.

ToeCutter: wow liberal-commies and facist-rightwingers agreeing; somone pinch me

Deviant: Your search – “liberals and conservatives getting along” – did not match any documents.

– Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
– Try different keywords.
– Try more general keywords.
Also, you can try Google Answers for expert help with your search.

Pornosaur: I propose legislation to mark Decemeber 3rd as “The Day of Agreement.”

TwistedIvory: Great googly-moogly, I feel dirty for agreeing with this list once I read the source.

RightWingNews? Wash it off me.

Liberals and conservatives agreeing? Next we’ll have “cats and dogs living together!”


Dr Tad Winslow: What is this internet of which he speaks?

***Update***: RWN’s number of daily uniques for December 3rd was…drumroll please…24,733. That’s our best day ever (not counting ad campaigns I’ve bought that have brought in massive amounts of traffic). Thanks to Fark among others for making it possible.

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