Smaller Government Is Better Government

Smaller Government Is Better Government: I received the following email yesterday…

“In your definition of “right wing” and “conservative” in the FAQ (What Do You Mean By ‘Right Wing’?), you state that folks of this bent are generally for “smaller government”. How does a “right winger” square that desire (which seems sensible enough because it leaves more money a taxpayer’s pocket, right?) with the current administration’s recent creation of the new dept. of homeland defense which is certainly BIGGER government? Wouldn’t a true conservative want rather to identify problems in the CIA and FBI and streamline those existing departments before generating a huge new bureaucracy?

Nate Berry”

Actually, I agree with the gist of Nate’s letter. I don’t think creating a massive new Federal agency is a good idea and I tend to suspect that not only will it end up costing us more, but I doubt it it’ll make us one bit safer. Have you heard that old saying, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall?” Well in government it goes, “The bigger they are, the more of your money they waste, the more red tape they produce, and the less productive the government workers become.”

Furthermore, I was opposed to the bloated farm bill the President passed and I’m staunchly against the new per drug benefit that is probably going to be passed in early 2003. While it’s understandable that we’ve increased defense spending since we’re in a war, the logical thing for us to do, especially when we’re running a deficit, is to cut spending in other areas to make up for it. But the truth is, George Bush is not fiscally Conservative. He is willing to “buy” votes with pork and he doesn’t seem to be serious about decreasing the size of government. During the Reagan years we may have had insane spending increases that outstripped even the massive amounts of new revenue Reaganomics brought in, but at least Reagan was building up our woefully underfunded military and had a free-spending Democrat controlled congress to deal with. Bush is in a much better situation, yet not only doing very little to reign in pork barrel spending, he’s actually driving it in some cases. While that may be good politics, it’s not the Conservative thing to do and it’s not good for the country and we’d all be better off if more people were willing to stand up and say so.

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