93 Yr-Old Democrat Veteran Votes For First Time – Guess Who He Voted For!?

93 Yr-Old Democrat Veteran Votes For First Time – Guess Who He Voted For!?

A 93 year-old Texas veteran has just cast his very first presidential ballot in a response to being inspired by Republican nominee Donald Trump.


Roy Hale was born and raised in Texas and after being the witness to the Presidential cycle this time around, he felt the stakes were too high not to participate in his right.

He said, “I was a Democrat but I never voted for one. I’ve never voted in my life until this time and I voted for Donald Trump.”

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Hale declared that it was the first time in his life that he actually felt a little pride in the Republican Party.

He said he began losing his ‘hope’ and change when the Democrat’s plan for healthcare – Obamacare – was failing miserably. Hale also hated the very real part of Obamacare that fined you if you didn’t purchase health insurance.

“It’s never been that way before. I don’t know of any other president that’s ever said you’d be fined if you didn’t buy something,”

The 93 year-old said he isn’t 100 percent on board with Trump, specifically on border issues, believing there should be more indulgent adjustment to allow people into the country. But he is optimistic that Trump will be able to give America the ‘change’ that he believes it needs.

“I just think Donald Trump will turn things around if they get him in there.”

First-time voters casting their ballots for Trump have become a bit of an important voting block in this year’s election. Beada Corum, also 93, was a first time voter; this year’s race finally got her to do her civic duty.

“The first time I ever heard him speak, he made a lot of sense, I felt like the Lord sent him to take care of the American people. We need to make America great again, and he’ll do it. I know it.”

Call me pessimistic, but I seriously doubt any 90 year-olds are anywhere near equipped to know what a President Trump will do.

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