A 17-Year-Old Connecticut Teen Is Inspiring Acts Of Kindness After Her Death Earlier This Month.

A 17-Year-Old Connecticut Teen Is Inspiring Acts Of Kindness After Her Death Earlier This Month.

With her last act on this Earth, Rebecca Townsend completed her bucket list by saving her friend’s life. It’s a truly heartbreaking, but inspirational, story:


On July 2, 2015, Rebecca Townsend attended a fireworks show in Danbury, Conn. with her friend, Ben Arne. As the two were walking back, a vehicle struck them. According to BuzzFeed News, Ben told the family that he remembered Rebecca pushing him out of the way just before the impact. Ben was hospitalized; Rebecca was killed.

The accident is still being investigated, but authorities told NewsTimes the crash involved a 23-year-old Brookfield, Conn. driver.

After Rebecca’s death, the family said they were reminiscing in her bedroom when they discovered a bucket list. The list was assigned to Rebecca — who was slated to attend the University of Notre Dame this fall — during her sophomore year at Immaculate High School in Danbury, Conn. It was returned to her after graduation.

The family shared it on Facebook:

Rebecca’s sister, Victoria Townsend, told BuzzFeed News that they traveled to Spain together as a family and that Rebecca kissed her boyfriend in the rain.

But it was not until they found the note — all laid out for them on her bed — that they realized she had fulfilled her last wish.

“It was a little sign that she was OK,” Victoria told BuzzFeed News.

The Townsend family has since created a Facebook page called “Remembering Rebecca” to honor the teen and encourage others to emulate her compassion by paying it forward — “whether paying for a meal, volunteering time or donating to a cause.

This story is just so sad, but there is a lesson here: life is finite and we don’t always know when it will end. Use this time on Earth to be kind and never take a moment for granted.

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