A Crowd of Strangers Show Up at This Farm… Now Watch What the Tractor Does

A Crowd of Strangers Show Up at This Farm… Now Watch What the Tractor Does

Back in the day, Farmers typically found themselves working the land with the help of just their families. TODAY…that is not the case, they have to feed AMERICA! So, an invention was needed…and this is one of them.

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Enter Big Bud, the first farm tractor designed from the same principles used in heavy mining.

Even to this day, Big Bud draws a crowd of onlookers in the “Real America.”

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The tractor in the video below is nicknamed the “525/50.” Why? Because it has a staggering 525 HP ready to go. Its 12 wheels provide the traction required to dig 21 deep furrows at once – even through thick clay earth.

It wasn’t too long ago when farmers used an ox to dig one furrow at a time. But thanks to technological innovations like Big Bud, farmers can produce a lot more food for everyone to eat.

Filmed from the sky, we see Big Bud plowing the land in Alvordton, OH on August 8, 2015. Even though it’s been years since the big piece of equipment was first released, you’ll see the crowd still gathering to watch it in action.

Ahh the farm life…just sounds, wonderful. Hard work, fresh air, fresh food…and when you lay your head down to sleep at night…I bet there is NO Insomnia issues. That sounds so nice.

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