A Few Random Thoughts About The Election

* It’s amazing to me that Ted Stevens appears to be poised to win in Alaska. He was actually behind in the polls before his conviction and then the limited amount of polling done after he lost his case seemed to show a large drop in his support. How he managed to come from behind and win under those circumstances is beyond me. His next challenge will actually be getting seated in the Senate…

* Speaking of crooks, that sorry, crooked S.O.B. Don Young won in Alaska, too. Stevens and Young should be treated like absolute pariahs by the Republican Party, which should do its utmost to get both of them out of office at the earliest possible opportunity.

* There is talk of having Sarah Palin run for Stevens’ seat if there’s a special election. That’s a terrible idea. The best thing she can do right now is go back to Alaska, do a great job as governor, and reload for 2012. Why head to D.C., where she will immediately be associated with all the failures there, when she can stay outside the Beltway running a state?

* I don’t know whom I will be supporting in 2012 and to be honest, I don’t even want to start thinking about it yet. However, I can tell you definitively it won’t be Mitt Romney or Charlie Crist.

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* I’ve had two separate people who have told me that their first reaction to these election results was to buy more guns. Speaking of which, I am toying with the idea of buying a semi-automatic shotgun myself.

When people start thinking that it’s much more likely that they’re going to need a gun to protect themselves as a result of your election, I think it’s a pretty strong vote of “no-confidence” in your leadership abilities.

* Since people have been saying this is a “landslide” and that the Dems can do anything they want, the Senate situation could conceivably turn out to be a real problem for the Dems.

Stevens appears to be on track for victory, Coleman is ahead going into a recount (you can be sure the Dems will try to steal this one), Gordon Smith is ahead (although his small advantage could easily disappear by the time they finish counting the state), and there are rumblings that Joe Lieberman may defect.

Worst case scenario, the Democrats could conceivably end up with 55 votes in the Senate. That’s pretty good, but they could have trouble beating filibusters on the most odious parts of their agenda with those numbers.

Of course, Lieberman may stay in the Democratic Party, Coleman could lose on the recount, Smith could lose, and even Stevens could lose once the absentee ballots are counted. At that point, the Dems would be up to 59 — and yeah, they’d be able to do pretty much anything they want. Gulp…..

* I keep hearing people suggest that Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl will be back in their leadership positions after this debacle. Why in the world would the Senate GOP want to do that when the only message people would hear is “We didn’t learn anything?” As far as I’m concerned, if you’re running ANYTHING in the Republican Party today, you should be out of a job and that goes double for the Senate.

* So, when do the Democrats publicly apologize for claiming that the 2000 and 2004 elections were rigged?

* Along those same lines, nutballs like Jerome Corsi spent more than a year saying Bush was going to implement a North American Union. So, where is the NAU that they insisted was going to be forced on us?

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